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Crookwell District Art Gallery Collection
This is the permanent collection of the gallery.
Collection 1 - Changes On The Landscape
Mixed Media works by Margaret Shepherd
CHANGES ON THE LANDSCAPE BOOKLET is available for purchase in the Gallery - $18 + Postage and also also at WALL CANDY Gallery.
Changes on the Landscape - 1. The Landscape
Changes on the Landscape - 2. Governor Philip (Settlement)
Changes on the Landscape - 3. The Overlanders (Discovery)
Changes on the Landscape - 4. Precipitation into Nationhood (Wentworth)
Changes on the Landscape - 5. One People One Destiny (H Parkes)
Changes on the Landscape - 6. World War I
Changes on the Landscape - 7. On the Wallaby
Changes on the Landscape - 8. Known Unto God
Changes on the Landscape - 9. Populate or Perish (A Caldwell)
Changes on the Landscape - 10. The Halcyon Days
Changes on the Landscape - 11. The Golden Arches
Changes on the Landscape - 12. Where To From Here
Collection 2 - Gallery Collection
Featuring Artists of the Upper Lachlan Region
Morning at Willowvale - Allan Baptist
Contemplation - Carol Divall
Country Town - Betty Osborne
Dusk, Kangaroo Valley - John Sharman
Snowy Moy II - Patricia Moy
Fish - Janet Twigg-Paterson
Crickets - Janet Twigg-Paterson
Portrait of a Child - Terri Chamberlain
The Rabbits - Humphrey Price-Jones 
Still Life - Susie Recsei
Somewhere in a Dream of Floods - Sno Brewer
Jessica Roo and the Night Stalkers - John Readhead
Early Morning Venice - Margery Mosman
Egg on the Terrace - Roger Moore
Forces of Nature - Dunham River - Marion Purvis
Istanbul-Gateway to the East - Claudia Forbes-Woodgate
Snow Scene - Allen Hansen
Millthorpe - Doris Kaminsky
Moriarty at Kurrajong - Warwick Fuller
Red Dress - Rowena Dean
Road to Crookwell - Lynne Flemons
Roots and Leaves - Judit A Mikola
Rusty Frame - Ann Gilbert
Veiled Bombshell - Hank Spirek
Untitled - Belinda Willcox
The Dining Room - Betty Osborne